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Amazing Quality 100% Egyptian Cotton

Our Amazing Quality Custom T-Shirts Starts With Superior Egyptian Cotton!

Throughout the past 300 hundred years, Egyptian cotton has earned the reputation of being the BEST cotton in the world. Egyptian cotton is softer, finer, and longer-lasting than any other cotton!

Egyptian cotton is very pure. It is hand-picked, leaving the cotton fibres straight and intact. Other types of cotton are mechanically picked, which puts a high amount of stress on the cotton fibres. The length of the cotton fibre makes the finest of yarns, without compromising the strength. The strength of the fibre makes fabrics more resistant to wear and tear. Also, Egyptian cotton absorbs liquid very well. This gives the cotton a brighter and deeper colour, less likely to fade over time.

Our Amazing Quality Custom T-Shirts in Pacific Mall are 100% authentic Egyptian Cotton. Egyptikus T-shirts not only look great, but feel so good on your skin. We guarantee you’ll be super satisfied with the quality of our T-shirts – or receive your full money back!


How many

Service Providers

The custom printed T-Shirt industry in Pacific Mall is relatively small, but includes retail shops, online stores and big brand companies.  

There are about 50 companies that sell custom t-shirts in Pacific Mall. Most of these companies use either the DTG method, Screen Printing method, or Heat Transfer Method.



If you order online, the average timeline of delivery is 3 days. This may or may not include shipping times. What if you’re looking to dodge the shipping fees and wait times by picking up your order from a retail shop? Well, you’ll still be waiting at least 24 hours! This may sound a little discouraging AND inconvenient, especially if you’re in a rush! Let’s face it – no one wants to wait that long to receive and wear a cool customized T-shirt. 



Also important to note, NOT ALL custom printing t-shirt companies in Pacific Mall have the option to purchase “small orders”. A lot of them tend to offer bulk services, with a minimum of 12 t-shirts per order. This is especially true if the company uses the screen printing method, which is optimal for mass production of custom t-shirts. This is okay if you’re wholesaler, or need to purchase a bunch of T-shirts for an event or fundraiser. But in most cases, it’s highly unlikely you’ll want to purchase more than a few custom shirts



When it comes to online stores, your best option would be to choose one with an online designer. The online designer allows you to create a “virtual customized T-shirt” in seconds. You will be able to choose all the variables of the shirt, including colour, size, and image you would like printed on the shirt. In most cases, the images can be your own (an uploaded image) or a selection of images provided by the company.

Unfortunately, not all online stores have the convenience of an online designer. If you want a specific image printed on your shirt, you will have to send the company an email with your image. This is less than optimal!

And the ones that do provide an online designer, the designer app may not very ‘user friendly’. The app should be simple to use and navigate – even for those that are not particularly computer savvy. A lot of designer apps tend to miss the mark.



The cost of printing a custom t-shirt in Pacific Mall can vary greatly. However, the average price range is around $30 – $45 per shirt. This may be considered a little costly for one basic T-Shirt with a simple design.

Now, you’ve probably seen many online companies advertise customized T-shirts for as low as $10. This is a very affordable price, that attracts customers quickly. However, this price can be very misleading. Keep in mind, this price is for a basic, white T-shirt. Once you add customization, tax, shipping and other fees, your $10 can be well over $25! So be aware when purchasing from these companies.

Overall, there are many factors which determines the cost:

  • Complexity of the image. More complex designs usually yield a higher cost. Printing front and back also increases the cost.
  • Colour of the shirt. A white T-shirt will be less cost than a black one.
  • How many shirts you want to purchase. A lot of companies will offer discounts for “bulk” purchases of 10 or more.
  • If you’ve ordered online, the shipping cost can increase your price substantially

The 3 Most Popular Custom Printing T-Shirt Methods You Must Know About!

Heat Transfer

Egyptikus uses the heat transfer method to create custom printed T-shirts in Pacific Mall.

This method involves two steps. The first step is using a specialized printer and ink to print the desired image onto transfer paper. Next, you take the printed image from the transfer paper and apply it onto the T-shirt. The T-shirt is then put into a heat press machine, where the image is heat pressed into the fabric. The transfer paper then stripped off the garment and viola! You have your custom printed T-shirt! Here are some of the pros of using the heat transfer method:

  • This method is the most economically friendly.
  • Works well with complex designs.
  • Works well with multiple colours.
  • Different shirts in the same order can be customized.
DTG (Direct to Garment)
DTG or Direct to Garment, works similar to the commonly used ink jet paper printer. The difference being that you’re using fabric instead of paper. The special ink used is water-based, which is directly absorbed by the fabric’s fibre. You will first need to upload the image a computer. The garment is then fed into the printer, where the uploaded image is printed onto the fabric. Here are some of the pros and cons of using the DTG method: Easy to do but will require knowledge and skills. Getting professional help is always recommended. Excellent for complex designs. Excellent for full colour, high detail. Least durable and more likely to fade faster than other methods.
Screen Printing

Screen Printing, also known as ‘Silk Screening’, is the oldest and most commonly used method.

This method involves using a screen (similar to a stencil) with the design or image on it. The screen is then placed over the garment, and ink or paint is then poured over the stencil. Here are some of the pros and cons of using the Screen Printing:

High quality and long-lasting
This method is best suited for one color per screen.Young man screen printing
Screen Printing

Not ideal for multi-colour images or super complex designs
Most big companies use this method for mass production of one design.
Companies that use this method will require a minimum quantity order

Why Choose

Egyptikus T-shirts?

When you order a customized T-shirt from us, you’re simply getting the best! 

All of our T-shirts are directly imported from Egypt, which guarantees authenticity.

Along with 100% pure Egyptian cotton shirts, we offer the following

Very fast turnaround time for your order! (1–3 hours ).
No minimum number of t-shirts per order! Order as little (or as many!)
Convenient Online T-Shirt Designer App! Convenient and easy to use, with many customized options and features!
Our process is very fast and efficient! It starts with the easy to use Online T-Shirt Designer App, and ends with the fast turnaround for your order.